Frederick Ellsworth


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Mr. Ellsworth retired in 2007 as Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of BSA Capital, LLC, a New York holding company which acted as Managing Member for Broad Street Advisors, LLC, a New York City company providing institutional advisory, investment banking, and consulting services for the commercial real estate and the financial services industries. Subsequent to Mr. Ellsworth's retirement, Broad Street Advisors was sold during 2009 to the US investment division of a Korean bank.

Mr. Ellsworth has been involved with over 5 billion dollars in commercial real estate advisory, disposition, and lending transactions.

Earlier in his career, Mr. Ellsworth was appointed a member of the Board of Directors and Managing Director, Far Eastern Operations, for the 160-year-old company, Guinness Mahon, Ltd. of London, a British Merchant Bank. Mr. Ellsworth is believed to be the first American to have been approved by the Bank of England to be appointed an Executive Director and Managing Director of a Merchant Bank belonging to the elite inner circle of Accepting Houses. While working for Guinness Mahon, Mr. Ellsworth lived in London and Singapore and traveled extensively throughout Europe, China, Thailand, Malaysia and Sri Lanka.

Prior to his involvement with Guinness Mahon, Mr. Ellsworth was based in New York City, where he was in charge of overseas marketing operations in the merchant banking division of the $9.2 billion European American Bank. While with EAB, Mr. Ellsworth traveled and worked throughout western and northern Europe, as well as Asia.

Mr. Ellsworth attended Indiana University where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. Mr. Ellsworth has been an active member of the National Board of Directors of the USWA, an adjunct of U.S. Sailing. During 1995, he and his family hosted the 1995 Mistral National Championships, one of the eight Olympic sailing classes, in Savannah, Georgia. Mr. Ellsworth's son, Christopher, has won two national championships in the Mistral One Design sailing class and a silver medal at the 1995 IYRU world championships.

Mr. Ellsworth is also an accomplished UNIX KSH programmer. Furthermore, he holds commercial, instrument and multi-engine, pilot/instructor licenses and ratings including that of an instrument flight instructor.

Subsequent to his retirement, Mr. Ellsworth now travels with his family and does occasional consulting work.