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The Ellsworth Family Photos

Fred Ellsworth and Sharon Ellsworth Family Photos - A History in Pictures - Slideshow

We have uploaded nearly 800 photos.  They depict three generations, including photos of our daughter-in-law growing up at the same time as our son, although they did not meet until College. 

While this may seem a lot of photos, they were chosen among many more to highlight several periods in our lives with which we have especially fond memories.

During the last 40 years we have lived in a number of wonderful places including Bloomington Indiana (we met in college at IU), Denver, London, Singapore, Newport Beach and our beloved New York City, where we first moved in 1978.

Our fondest memories involve those surrounding our son, whom we home-schooled until he was ready for College, and his wife who has truly become a daughter to us.

These photos are arranged chronologically, starting in the 1940's

We hope you enjoy them!


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Fred Ellsworth and Sher Ellsworth in NYC 

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